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We are proud to support over fifty local and Great Southern clubs and charities through our Community Club program.  When you nominate your local club or charity, your purchases directly support the group of your choice.

Why has the Community Club been established?
The team at Camping Kayaks 4x4 Albany are local and regional people who understand the need for clubs and charities to rely on the local community and businesses for their survival.  As small business people, we also know that it is difficult to support all clubs and charities that call on us, as the sponsorship bucket eventually empties.  Our Community Club enables Camping Kayaks 4x4 Albany to support more clubs and charities, more often, and more fairly by distributing our sponsorship dollars toward those that support our store.

How does it work?
Simply nominate your chosen club or charity when you purchase from our store, and the sale value will be recorded through use of a Community Club key tag.  We then calculate the total sales against each club or charity and give back a percentage in the form of Community Club Dollars, for use by your club in-store.

What are the benefits?
  1. Every 12 months, your club or charity will receive Community Club Dollars to the value of 10% of members’ purchases. Your club can spend the dollars against the huge range of camping, kayaks, hiking, and 4WD accessories in our store. 
  2. In this way your club can obtain equipment ranging from gazebos to first aid kits, gas cylinders and spotlights; or use the items for fundraising events such as raffles or auctions throughout the year. 
  3. Participating clubs are given early notification of upcoming catalogue sales and other promotional events, enabling your club members to get in early and grab a bargain.
  4. The more you spend, the more your club benefits – it’s like members being in control of writing your own club or charity sponsorship cheque!

What will it cost?
Nothing. There are no joining fees or other expenses to participate.

Will participants pay more for product?
No.  Promoting our business by word of mouth through your club or charity reduces our advertising costs, so we are passing those savings back to the clubs and charities that support us.   All purchases at marked prices, including catalogue sales, are eligible for the Community Club program.  Spending of your accumulated Community Club Dollars is excluded from the program.  

Do I have to be a member of a club to participate in the Community Club?
No.  You can support any legitimate club or charity you choose.  Whatever purchases you make in our store will be added to their total.  So get your family and friends to nominate your club or charity and watch your Community Club Dollars balance grow even faster!

Can you redeem Community Club Dollars at other stores in Australia?
No.  The Community Club program has been developed by Jerome, Julie and the Team at Camping Kayaks 4x4, to support those that support our store. As such, Community Club Dollars are only redeemable from Camping Kayaks 4x4 Albany.
When does our club or charity receive their Community Club Dollars?
Whenever requested or at 12 monthly intervals.  So if your club needs to redeem their reward at a specific time, this is easily arranged and provided for.  Once the Community Club dollars have been issued to your club, you will have 6 months in which to redeem them in store.

APPLICATION FORM (click to download printable form)